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Okay, I’m going to talk about something I really don’t like to talk about.  My own drawings.

But first, some bits of silliness.

It’s official, I’ve lost my mind.

Pops 1 by kaspired   Pops 2 by kaspired

Not all of these guys get stuck in a paper box.  Occasionally one will get to see the world.

Pops 3 by kaspired 

So, back to the dreaded task at hand.  I’ve put some subtle bits in that nobody has noticed, or at least commented on.  Now I’d like to focus on those details.

Let me start with a concept that everybody should be aware of.  Whatever you do, do NOT place a figure on either of these lines.  Or for that matter these two lines.

Centerfolds 0001 by kaspired   Centerfolds 0002 by kaspired

The result: expected!  Really, really, boring placement.  C’mon, really?

Look back at any of my drawings for the last several years and notice how none are centered on the paper.  I’ll kick the figure off center. 

Look at the “Road We’re On” set. 

Number one with Starfire, she’s way, way, ohmigawd way on the left side which leaves miles of empty space on the right.  So, I filled that with the stairway railing.  She is sitting in the stairwell, a railing blocks part of her, it’s not drawn around her.  Plus, since she has a ton of colors I used simple beige and grey colors on the background. 

Centerfolds 0003 by kaspired

The second with Raven offers a different set of problems.  She’s placed on a diagonal but interrupted enough to be interesting.  She’s tucked into the lower right corner with miles of empty space above her.  Interrupted?  You bet ‘cha!  Look at the hood of her cloak.  It’s perpendicular to the diagonal.  And her right leg is close to the diagonal but her foot points somewhere else.  Notice the bright orange colors?  That was no accident.  On the color wheel, orange sits opposite of the blue that she wears.

Centerfolds 0004 by kaspired

The third with Plague is different.  Look at the background.  Notice the simple vertical and horizontal lines compared to how she slashes through everything?

Centerfolds 0005 by kaspired

Probably the most extreme is ‘Cloakisms”.  Raven is as far to the right edge as possible, with her cloak balancing the drawing.

Centerfolds 0006 by kaspired

“Fourth Martini” is a whole different set of problems.  I used a lot of diagonals.  Look at the stir stick and the general pose of her body.  Close but not quite pointing towards the corners.  Her leg points toward but then her foot point away from the corner. 

Centerfolds 0007 by kaspired

The most recent counterpoint is “Some Hapless Pirate Flag”.  Raven IS drawn on the center line.  That was intentional.  Really!  Ravens position is counterbalanced by Starfires.  Which leaves a lot of negative space on the right side for balance.

Centerfolds 0008 by kaspired

I can imagine the next question: “What about multiple characters?”.

Okay.  The same set of problems exist but on a bigger scale.

Consider “One Way or Another”.  I could write an entire journal about that one drawing.  Ten of the same but still different characters.  Spleesch!  Suu is the most active and has the most space around her, Yukio is almost but not quite centered and has the most stoic solid pose.  Everybody else dips, swirls, slices, kneels, and ducks.  Look at Zombina, she’s sliced in two and is sliding apart!

Centerfolds 0009 by kaspired

Speaking of kneeling, I just love kneeling/sitting poses.  For two reasons.  First, it is more challenging to draw.  Too simple is too boring.  Also, I can draw in a larger scale and still include the entire figure.

Barbara by kaspired

Several people have commented on my backgrounds.  Which I’m thrilled about.  Originally, I didn’t bother with that “little detail”.  But eventually I decided that white is screamingly boring.  It needs to be filled. 

I don’t leave the background white anymore.  Somewhere there is some color that’s a nice contrast but doesn’t overwhelm the figures.  Yes, unfortunately I have wrecked drawings with too strong a background.

Snap! by kaspired  Good colors.

Squidification by kaspired  Bad colors!

Which resulted in a few “cityscapes”.  Where the background became more important than the characters.

Leela Illustrated by kaspired

Well anyway, enough is enough.  And yes, I really do hate talking about my own drawings. 

Man, can I overthink things, or what?






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United States
Thanks to Wolich22 for this portrait, and for letting me use it for my I.D.

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Personal Quote: "Fear is the little mind killer. You panic you freeze, you freeze you crash"



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